The New Nintendo Switch 2 (Pro) might be in the works | StreamLite

A new Nintendo Switch might be on the horizon. Its name could be the Switch 2 or the Switch Pro. As we know the PS5 and the Xbox series X are launching in Q4 2020. That leaves Nintendo with out anything new to counter its rivals.

According to the DigiTimes news article, Nintendo plans to release a new Switch model with a magnesium alloy body and an update to the CPU. The overall improvements would result in better graphics, faster processing performance and higher resolution, possibly 4K resolution.

The New Switch model is rumored to start production in the first quarter of 2020 around March according to the DigiTimes. This may seem like a stretch but there are some other sources out there that make this a credible story. A report from a Wall Street Journal reporter stated back in august of 2019, that "Nintendo has ideas for further updates to the Switch lineup after those two models to make the platform’s life cycle long" Takashi Mochizuki states.

Although they have made recent improvements on the Nintendo Switch line such as improved battery life in the original and the smaller more portable version (Switch Lite). It would be nice to see Nintendo spruce up their current line of Switches with better components. If this new line of Switches where to happen according to Dr. Toto, CEO of Kantan Games, stated it would launch in mid-2020 and the price of the new console will be around $399 retail. I think if it truly does offer 4k support this a very reasonable price to pay for a portable console.

A Polygon journalist reached out to Nintendo America about these rumors, however Nintendo stated, “they have nothing to announce on this topic.”

In conclusion no one knows for sure if Nintendo is working on a new or improved console. At the end of the day its all just rumors and speculation from reputable sources. All we can do is sit back and wait to see if the New Switch will be reality or just fantasy, only time will tell.

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